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With a large fleet of diverse material,
we’re able to fulfill all your exceptional needs.

Altead Devriendt NV

Moving the Unthinkable

With the right trailers on the right trucks,
we can offer you the right solution.

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Our Trucks

4x2 truck
4 x 2 Trucks

Our 4 x 2 trucks are used for the lightest, but not necessarily the smallest, loads. They are often seen with very long cargo.

6x2 truck
6 x 2 Trucks

The largest group of our trucks.
With two driving wheels of the six, they can transport both big and heavy loads with no big effort.

6x4 truck
6 x 4 Trucks

Our heaviest trucks, used for extreme heavy freight.
These trucks are equipped with our most experienced drivers.

Our Trailers

  • flat trailer
    Flat Trailer
  • semi trailer
    Semi Lowloader
  • mega lowloader
    Telescopic Mega Lowloader
  • lowloader central beam
    Central Beam Lowloader
  • beam trailer lowloader
    Beam Trailer
  • euro lowloader
    Euro Lowloader
  • combine lowloader
    Harbor Lowloader
  • coil lowloader
    Coil Lowloader
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We're Ready for You

Our fleet is equipped with trained and enthusiastic drivers
with only on goal in mind:
to satisfy you.

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exceptional transport convoy

Pilot Cars

Exceptional transport would be impossible without the aid of our trained pilots. Not only do they assist our drivers, but they also care about the safety on the road.


One of the main jobs of the pilots is to safely assist the convoy by anticipating on obstacles or unexpected situations. All our pilots own a truck permit, so they know exactly what’s possible as a truck and what could be a problem.


For a convoy, the modern-day traffic is a real challenge to deal with. Therefore, our pilots try to warn other road users of the unusual vehicle on the road.

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