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No Such Thing as "Too Big".

AltéAd Devriendt specializes in Exceptional Transport since '32.

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combine transport

Agricultural Machinery

Transport of a combine from the factory to the dealer. Or a secondhand tractor that must be transported to the harbor. We have the right material for any request and we ride daily to the richest agricultural regions in Europe.

machine transport exceptional

Heavy Machinery

Some machines, like excavators, or heavy construction equipment, aren’t meant to drive on the road, but should move to a certain spot anyway. We own specialized tools and people to do this job.

silo transport

Silo Transport

Many manufacturers of silos and barrels already belong to our loyal customers. Therefore, we own specific material for silo transport and is it one of our specialties.

cable drums transport

Cable Drums

Because of the growing request for transport of cable drums, we added customized trailers, especially to fulfill this kind of transport efficient and safe.

boat transport

Boats & Yachts

AltéAd Devriendt has a long history of transporting sailing boats, motor boats, catamarans and much more. We transport boats and yachts for manufacturers, as well as for private-owners. If you want to bring your boat to a dealer, boat show, or you want to enjoy another climate while sailing, we can help you further.

long cargo transport

Long Cargo

With telescopic trailers, we’re able to transport rails, profiles, masts or whole bridges until 45 m long.

windmill transport night

Windmill Transport

Due the importance of renewable energy, we decided to invest both material and time to fulfill these specific needs. We're glad to contribute for a greener and healthier future.

oversized transport

Project Cargo

A project for us means any special transport that needs more care and organization than usual cargo. For example extreme dimensions or precise multiple deliveries on a construction site.

exceptional transport night

Your Partner for
Exceptional Transport

Too long, too big, too high, too heavy. When conventional transporters can’t, we come in the picture.
Because for us, there is no “too”.

Years of technical knowhow

Both our drivers and our planners have a long history in exceptional transport. Every cargo is a mission that we want to see successfully completed.

European network

As a part of a large international network, we can rely on many befriended European companies. Because of this, we’re able to provide quick and solid solutions.

AltéAd Devriendt NV

Providing solutions for your oversized cargo.

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